Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sock issues

I am at an impasse with both sock patterns.
With the Peacock Diamonds, I have to figure out the join between the beginning of the round and the end of the round.
The Lily Pond sock... I'm following K2Karen's directions for a yarn over toe up heel and it's confusing.
She's using someone else's directions for the heel and it's just a bit confusing.
Placing markers I understand, it's the yarn over that's confusing. She wants you to yo on the RIGHT needle after you turn when the yarn is coming off the left needle.
Huh? Am I supposed to slip it first, and then do the YO? I don't have a picture of that heel, but I found a picture tutorial on it but haven't had time to sit down and look at it in depth. I need about forty-five minutes of uninterrupted time with my knitting in front of me.

"Knit until 2 sts before second yarn marker, Increase 1, k1, turn work.
Yarn over from front to back on right needle. Place marker."

First, she doesn't explain the 'increase 1'. I chose to do a k1f&b, and was confused because that would give you two increases which, from what I understand, you k3tog or p3tog to take them all in.
There's gotta be something simpler between this and a w&t. I just need time to sit down and work it out. As I always say, "Trust the pattern." I always try to second guess or jump ahead in the directions, thinking that I know where it's going.... have to learn to slow down and do the steps.

Okay, have to get going and run some errands. Get new socks and some other necessities.

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